18 days of back country riding

We ran into a group riding motorcycles on the Continental Divide Trail back in 2009 while on another adventure.  I used to ride motocross and love off road adventuring.  The adventure really caught my attention, so after 5 years of saying I am going, I finally did during August of 2015.

Picture a route two and a half thousand miles long, stretching from Mexico to Canada, traversing New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, with elevations from 4,000 feet to a cloud-scraping 13,000 feet. The path crisscrosses a single geologic feature that rules over most of the North American continent, influencing weather, determining which oceans receive the outflows of thousandscdt-overview of watercourses, creating and dividing habitats—and offering spectacular views to those who challenge its heights. This is the legendary Continental Divide, also known as the  Great Divide!

Remote and inspiring riding the Great Divide is truly a bucket list trip. For thirteen days I experienced the some of the most stunning landscapes our country has to offer, enjoying nights out under crisp starry skies listening to elk and coyote.  The route is only passable in summer, and even then storms can render many passages difficult but it’s an amazing trip, one you’ll talk about for years to come.